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Servo Controller Part

Technology from korea,made in China


· High Precise Control

The servo System can control the machines' pressure, speed and location precisely makes sure that the error of accurate repeatability Precision for the shot measure is ≤0.3%. So that it can achieve the Precision Injection Molding Machine.

· High Sensitive Response

Because the motor vector is matched with the controller accurately, it just takes the 0.05S when input the number from 0 to max. Compared with other traditional hydraulic injection molding machine, AF series machine's speed is obviously more quickly, each cycle time is shorter, the production efficiency is higher.

· Low Noise

Compared with the traditional fixed pump and variable pump system, the noise will be lower 1/10 under normal circumstances. What's more, the noise of overall system will be less than 80dB when under the high-speed circumstances. So this series is more suitable for the sealed dustless workshop.

· Enery-Saving

Overall efficiency is more 10% and the driving capacity is more 18% than the common machine. Related to the energy saving, this series Can save energy about 30%~80%, with the first-class energy efficiency.

· The Cooling Water Saving

The system condition prevent high pressure unloading without any power output leads to the cooling water saving.